Cambridge GPS-NAV Demo

Screen Map
         o o
  / .ooooo o... \
 |   o     o     |
ooo  o     o     oooooo.
. .  o           .
     o            \
     o             o
     o              \
X = Current Screen
o = Demo Screens
O = Main Nav. Screen
. = Not-Implemented

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Main Navigation Screen
Name of active waypoint
Graphical Turn Indicator, proportional to Bearing - Track
Bearing to the active waypoint
Track to the active waypoint
Distance to the active waypoint
Number of satellites acquired
The "Engine Run" symbol is displayed as a large, dark "X" in the lower right corner.

Press UP or DOWN to view information about the active waypoint.
Press LEFT or RIGHT to go to other screens.
Pressing GO always brings you back to this Main Navigation Screen.